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Selling Chocolate – a win/win opportunity

Through our participation in the local farmer’s market, and sales in our own church, our congregation has not only enjoyed the chocolate, coffee and tea it sells, but also changed lives. Equal Exchange, the fair trade organization from whom we get our products, continues to increase its sales, and help farmers become independent. In 2014, the chocolate products sold used over 1 million lbs of organic, fairly traded cocoa beans and 500,000 lbs of organic, fairly traded sugar. Anyone who is aware of the horrific conditions endured by the men, women and children who harvest sugar cane for the sugar industry giants, will know how important this news is. Equal Exchange also sold over 5.5 million lbs of coffee. But their work does not stop there. Other initiatives include, for example, money to help Ugandan women guild energy efficient stoves, the Red Cherry Challenge which helps farmers hard hit by climate change-related problems, and money to provide seminars for farmers so that together they can learn how to work more efficiently. Good food and justice for workers all over the world. That is a win/win.

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