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Facebook Frustrations

For several years, our church has maintained a Facebook page. It has been handled as a personal page which people could friend (and unfriend) and from which postings could be shared. Facebook has essentially told us that since we are not an individual we can no longer maintain a page in this fashion. This may be because people were misusing Facebook to spread false reports under false identities.

Therefore we are creating two Facebook pages to replace it. One will be an institution page for Fredonia Presbyterian Church. It will have our hours, directions to our church, a statement of mission and more. If you would like to continue to receive the church postings that you have received in the past, you should go to this page and “LIKE” it. As pastor, I have also created a page. This is not a personal page where I will have friends post things, but a page where church members may contact me and I can “friend” members of the church so I can be aware of what is happening with them and receive their messages. If you are willing to share your Facebook posts on my page, allowing me to respond, you will need to go to my pastor page under Cynthia Wickwire Lundquist and request that we be friends. Please be aware that we had over 200 people as friends on our old page and because of how Facebook handled this, I now have no way of telling those people what happened to the page, it cannot be accessed. So please be as generous as you can in your sharing our posts so people who are interested can like our new page and reconnect with us. If you are willing, you could also simply note on your own page that to continue to receive posts, they should like our page. Thank you so much for your help and support in this.

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