Yard Sale is a Win Win

On June 24th, Fredonia Presbyterian Church held its annual yard sale. The community was generous in its response and we were able to raise over $1000. The proceeds from the sale will be used entirely to support local charities such as the Boys and Girls Club, Rural Ministry and Keryx Prison Ministry. The support of the community actually occurred in two ways. First, of course in their willingness to make purchases at the sale was essential. But this year, more than ever before, we received numerous donations from local residents for the sale. We are truly appreciative of all of the support we received. This event is important to us because it allows us to “recycle” items from our homes so that others can use them and saves others money in their purchases. All items donated that are not sold go to Rural Ministry for their Thrift Shop. Many thanks to all who made this year a success.Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Giving Garden begins new season

Once again, Fredonia Church will participate in the Giving Garden program of the Rural Ministry of Northern Chautauqua County. Last year, through the hard work of master Gardner Tom White, over 200 lbs. of vegetables were donated to the Rural Ministry’s Friendly Kitchen and Food Bank. Tom has once again agreed to manage the garden and we are hoping for another successful year.
Digital Camera

Fredonia Presbyterian helps “Beautify Fredonia”

On Saturday, May 27th, 5 members of Fredonia Presbyterian Church walked the length of Central Avenue to pick up litter. This effort was part of our participation in the Beautify Fredonia effort of the village. As a certified green congregation it is important to us to support our community’s efforts to care for the environment. Digital Camera

Fredonia Presbyterian Church certified an Earth Care Congregation for third year

Fredonia Presbyterian Church has been certified for the third year as an earth care congregation by the Presbyterian Church USA. This certification is achieved by actively pursuing environmental awareness and protection in the areas of worship, education, maintenance of building and grounds, and public advocacy. For more information on how to protect the environment, see the ecology brochure posted on our home page.

Facebook Frustrations

For several years, our church has maintained a Facebook page. It has been handled as a personal page which people could friend (and unfriend) and from which postings could be shared. Facebook has essentially told us that since we are not an individual we can no longer maintain a page in this fashion. This may be because people were misusing Facebook to spread false reports under false identities.

Therefore we are creating two Facebook pages to replace it. One will be an institution page for Fredonia Presbyterian Church. It will have our hours, directions to our church, a statement of mission and more. If you would like to continue to receive the church postings that you have received in the past, you should go to this page and “LIKE” it. As pastor, I have also created a page. This is not a personal page where I will have friends post things, but a page where church members may contact me and I can “friend” members of the church so I can be aware of what is happening with them and receive their messages. If you are willing to share your Facebook posts on my page, allowing me to respond, you will need to go to my pastor page under Cynthia Wickwire Lundquist and request that we be friends. Please be aware that we had over 200 people as friends on our old page and because of how Facebook handled this, I now have no way of telling those people what happened to the page, it cannot be accessed. So please be as generous as you can in your sharing our posts so people who are interested can like our new page and reconnect with us. If you are willing, you could also simply note on your own page that to continue to receive posts, they should like our page. Thank you so much for your help and support in this.

Hygiene kits being collected. Can you help?

Fredonia Presbyterian Church is again collecting Hygiene Kits (March 12 through April 9, 2017) for Church World Service. CWS distributes the kits to people around the world (including the US) who have been victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, wars or other catastrophic events. To assemble a kit you will need: One hand towel measuring approximately 15″x 28″ (not fingertip, bath, dish or micro-fiber towels); One washcloth; One wide-tooth comb removed from the package; One finger nail or toe nail clipper removed from the package (no metal files or emery boards); one bath size bar of soap in the wrapper; One toothbrush in original package; Ten standard size Band-Aids. Please do not add toothpaste. Seal all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure. Be sure to remove excess air from the bag and do not add any extra items of any kind, including candy or other food.

The kits may be dropped off at the Fredonia Presbyterian Church at 219 Central Avenue 24 hours a day.

Feeding Fredonia Challenge receives community support

Close to 80 area businesses have agreed once again to participate in the Feeding Fredonia Challenge. This means that residents will have many opportunities to provide support for the Challenge. The Mayor and Village Trustees endorsed the Challenge for the third year at their September meeting. Our goal this year is for 5,750 lbs. of food. We are hopeful that will this support and the continued support of the Fredonia Central School and Fredonia (SUNY), we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal.

Renewal Celebration September 25, 2016

On September 25th, our congregation will celebrate its 216th anniversary. During the service of worship we will honor God by recognizing what God has done through this congregation in the past year. Ministries being lifted up include: the Feeding Fredonia Challenge, Fredonia Food Pantry, Equal Exchange table at the local Farmers’ Market, the Alternative Christmas Market with over 700 nativities and Fair trade gifts from developing countries, a school supply collection, health kits for refugees and disaster victims, COMPEER partnership, Certification as an Earth Care Congregation, recognition as a donor to Church World Service for disaster relief, support for the Presbyterian Education Board of Pakistan and the Topaza Orphanage of MAdagascar, and regular worship! God has been gracious to this small congregation and we are truly thankful.

Third Feeding Fredonia Challenge announced

Once again, the Fredonia Presbyterian Church will be organizing the Feeding Fredonia Challenge in the Village of Fredonia. During the week of October 10 through 14, residents will be encouraged to bring food into area businesses to support the challenge which provides food for the Fredonia Food Pantry. Businesses will be contacted in the coming weeks to ask for their participation in the program. Go to the Feeding Fredonia Challenge facebook page for more information.

Dessert Fest and Band Concert

On Tuesday July 19 at 5:30 p.m.,  we will hold our Annual Dessert Fest which means guests may purchase three desserts for $3.00.  Desserts are homemade (or gourmet!) and cover the range from cakes to pies to blueberry French Toast. Come and sample! Then at 6:00 p.m. the Cassadaga Band will present a concert under the summer sky. Hope you can make it!